Welcome to CHVE!

If you are new to the school or district, you will need to register at the district office (not CHVE).  Please find instructions for registering here.


Prospective families - stay tuned for 2020 tour dates for CHVE.  Check back here for dates. 


Please contact the front desk (720) 747-2700 to reserve a spot or for more information.


Our Newcomers Committee is here to answer your questions and help with your transition.  We host gatherings for new families (even during these unusual covid times) and have resources available to help you with your transition.


For families transferring from another school or city, please contact Sharie Mendrey to get information about CHVE and connect with other new transfer families. 


For incoming Kindergarten families, please contact Lorin Schaechterle  to get information about CHVE and connect with other kindergarten families. 


We look forward to meeting you.