A few more days to get us to 100% of our donation goal!


Your student's personal fundraising page can be found on CHVE.org at https://www.chve.org/fundraiser/1594 by clicking into their teacher's name. If you are signed in to the website, you will be able to update your children's page. 


Race day is September 28th:

8:40-9:15: 4th grade

9:20-9:55: 5th grade

10:00-10:35: 3rd grade

11:25-noon: Kindy

12:10-12:45: 2nd grade

12:50-1:25: 1st grade



Volunteers Needed! One big change this year is we have brought organization of this event in house instead of using an outside vendor.   If you would like to volunteer to be a race day helper for your student's grade, please email lisa.wieting@gmail.com and melisar44@gmail.com 

Splash Fundraiser - Make a Splash!


What is Splash?


Splash is a fundraising initiative where participants can give one monetary donation at the beginning of the school year to the PTCO.If you’d prefer to give to the school once a year, instead of smaller donations throughout the school year, this is the option for you! 


What are my funds used for? 


Your generous donation contributes to the PTCO fundraising efforts. Annually the PTCO uses these funds to pay for items such as Teacher Assistant Salaries, Technology including ipads and laptops, field trips, police crossing guards, and licenses for educational programs to name a few. In the inaugural year of the Splash Society, we were also able to provide a new sound system in every classroom, updated art supplies, new 3D printer and laser cutter for STEM, an increase in classroom funds for each teacher, professional development for teachers, and classroom libraries. The additional funds raised by the PTCO each year enable CHVE to add resources that make CHVE not just a great school but one of the best schools public, or private in the state. 


What does becoming a member of Splash include? 

  1. Tickets to all PTCO sponsored events-ie; Auction, Halloween Party, spring dance, etc. 
  2. VIP parking spots at school events ie: choir concerts, kindergarten graduation etc. 

Most importantly, it helps provide a sustainable fundraising source so the PTCO can continue to invest in the incredible education our kids receive at CHVE.


How do I Make a Splash? 


The minimum donation is $5000. Please note that your donation does not have to be paid all at once.  The donations can be made in lump-sum or monthly throughout the year, or as your family is comfortable.  Donate Here


Please reach out to chvefundraising@gmail.com if you have additional questions. 


If you would like to make a donation to the school of any amount, click here.   All donations are appreciated and will help the students, teachers and staff at CHVE

Please also search here to see if your company (or companies) has a Matching Gift Program to increase the impact of your donation!



Grades K-5th | 2:45-3:45 pm

Dates: Fridays September 23rd – December 16th (except 10/21, 11/11, 11/25)

Tuition: $265/student (10 weeks), WORKBOOKS INCLUDED

Registration:soundformationmusic.com/sound-formation-at-cherry-hills-village/, or call 303-903-8360 or email soundformation@gmail.com





If you missed orientation, please click here for Students Clubs and Activities to get involved.
Please update your account information on CHVE.org 
If you're volunteering regularly at school, please click here to register for the new district-wide volunteer application. 




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