Fundraising Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


We appreciate your grace, and your giving, as we kicked off the 2020-21 year. We recognize that there has been an abundance of communications and requests for support this year from our PTCO. And that sometimes those requests overlapped. It’s a lot to take in.


As we stated in our August email, we started this year with a variety of unknown variables and opted to frontload many of the fundraising efforts at the beginning of the school year. It is through the incredible work of our committees, volunteers, generous sponsors, supportive families and friends – it is through YOU – that we were able to meet our October 31st goal of $150,000. In three short months we have met (and even surpassed!) the halfway point of the CHVE PTCO fundraising goal for the school year.


Every dollar has made a difference. Every effort – in our hearts and in our homes – has made a positive impact that will be felt throughout CHVE for the entire year. While we as parents and caregivers cannot visit the school and see firsthand the way our endeavors contribute to the vibrancy of the CHVE experience, we send our kids to school knowing that as a community, we are all doing our best. Great intentions for students and staff are at the forefront of everything we do.


An immense THANK YOU to this year’s fundraising crews thus far. The community could not do this without you. The Dolphin Duds duo: Rachel Bogel and Liz Edgar. CHVE’s Read4Funds committee: Megan Shingara, Gina Ernst, and Christy Holman. The Drive-In Movie team: Kathy Lee, Dana Parks, Traci Levitin, and Katie Hoster. Our Room Parent Co-Chairs: Sherry Fuessel and Laura Pilcher, together with all of our Room Parents and Home Hosts who helped facilitate the Halloween House Tour. And of course, our supportive PTCO Presidents: Renee Bohrer and Kristen Corcoran.


We still have a ways to go and a long year ahead of us, but we are off to a very successful start. The simple truth is that no matter what the rest of this year holds, we have seen firsthand that as a community we can come together and Make It Happen.


With gratitude,


Kasey Jackson and Erin Jones

CHVE PTCO Fundraising Co-Chairs, 2020-21 

Any questions, email


If you would like to contribute to the CHVE PTCO during the 2020-21 school year, the Family Giving Campaign, Yard Signs, Dress the Dolphin, and Amazon Smile program are available on an ongoing basis. See more details here.