Fundraising Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Thanks to all of you, CHVE met our 2021-2022 fundraising goal!  Our community has continued to step up when we need you the most to support our school and staff.  Thank you.

This year, we have some exciting events planned.  2022-2023 is also a “Family Giving Campaign” year, which will kick off in early fall. Our goal for this event is to get 100% participation, any donation amount is welcomed.

The CHVE PTCO is excited to continue the 🐬“Splash Society” 🐬.  What is the Splash Society?  It is a fundraising initiative created by CHVE families.  The purpose of creating another method of fundraising is increase our annual goal.  This will allow PTCO to apply more funds to teachers and staff, which will directly benefit the students of CHVE!

The goal of the Splash Society is to create a simple, sustainable, and ongoing fundraising effort that will raise significant funds for CHVE, annually.  The Splash Society hopes to encourage significant giving of $5,000 or more annually and to thank and recognize those families who give to our schools annual giving campaigns.  The additional funds raised by the PTCO each year enable CHVE to add additional resources that makes CHVE not just a great school but one of the best schools public, or private in the state.

Whether you give throughout the year to one of our PTCO hosted fundraisers or simply write a one-time check outright to the school your aggregate giving will count towards this initiative.  Please note that your donation does not have to be paid all at once.  The donations can be made in lump-sum or monthly throughout the year, or as your family is comfortable.

Thank you so much to the families that have already achieved this milestone!  To date we have raised over $70,000 and the school year is just getting started!!!

Your contribution is 100% tax deductible!

With gratitude,
Erin Robbins and Missy Schneller
CHVE PTCO Fundraising Co-Chairs, 2022-2023
Any questions, email or

If you would like to contribute to the CHVE PTCO during the 2022-23 school year, the Splash Society, Dolphin Duds, Dress the Dolphin, and Amazon Smile program are available on an ongoing basis. See more details here.