Apple for a Teacher

We are now collecting donations for the non-main teaching staff 


CHVE Community, 


'Tis the time of giving!  And as we do each year, Apple for a Teacher is now collecting donations for the Non-Main Teaching Staff Gift Campaign. These gifts will go out to specials teachers, teachers assistants, classroom aids, office staff, librarians, lunchroom staff and more. The only staff not included are the main teachers in grades K-5 whose room parents will be collecting for group gifts. In the years past, each staff member has received a generous gift as a result of this campaign, and they are always truly grateful!




You may donate:


1) Venmo to @Blair-Watts


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Blair at 303-818-1737 or Kerry Callahan at 310-405-2936 or email us at


Thank you in advance for helping us recognize the CHVE non-main teaching and support staff that does so much for us and our children.

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