All Pro Dads






All Pro Dad's is a school-based program at CHVE that brings dads together with their kids.


Below are the dates for the school year.  Please spread the word to other dads.  I hope you can join us for many of these mornings.  We will meet at 7:00 am in the cafeteria and then head to LaTronico for the presentation. 

Friday, Sept 15th

Friday, October 13th

Friday, Nov 10th

Friday, Dec 8th

Friday, Jan 12th

Friday, Feb 9th

Friday, March 29th

Friday, April 12th

Friday, May 10th


To help All Pro Dad track attendance and impact, please check-in using the QR code below. 





If you have any questions, would like to learn more about the group, please contact Jeff Cheley for additional information.