Cherry Hills Village Elementary School PTCO

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Instructions for using PTOffice

PTOffice Registration for New CHVE Students for 2020-21 


Welcome to Cherry Hills Village Elementary! In the midst of the start of an unprecedented school year, it’s especially important that all families register with PTOffice, which is what the CHVE Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO) uses to communicate with our families.


Please note that registering for PTOffice is important, and is different from registering with the Cherry Creek school district. Your PTOffice registration is how you will receive information and updates from room parents and PTCO leadership, including important information about school events, classroom activities, and extra-curriculars.


Below are some instructions to help guide you through the online registration process...

Step 1: Go to – chrome browsers seem to work best here.

Step 2: Enter your First and Last Name and email address.

  1. If you have already registered with PTOffice, after filling in your email address you will see this message:
  2. In that case, please follow the link to log in. You can recover your password at the next page if you can’t remember it.
  3. If you have children to add, skip to step 5. If you don’t, your account is all set and you don’t need to do anything else.

Step 3: After filling in your Name and Email choosing a password, and accepting the terms of use, click NEXT.

Step 4: On the next page, either select your existing household, create a new household, or search for an existing household using an alternate last name.

  1. If creating a new household, be sure to “edit contact” for your own information and include your address and a phone number where you’d like the PTCO and other parents to reach you.
  2. If selecting an existing household, review your profile page and make relevant changes.
  3. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the top when finished.

Step 5: Use the “Add Child” function to add any children who are not already in your household.

  1. Be sure to include your child’s first and last names and select your child’s rising grade. If your child has not yet been assigned a classroom, leave the “Choose a classroom” dropdown unselected.
  2. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the top when you’ve completed your changes.

You’re all done!


If you encounter any issues or problems, email, or you can ask for help directly from PTOffice at