Cherry Hills Village Elementary School

Volunteer Opportunities

Apple for a Teacher

Volunteers are needed to help solicit donated items including event tickets, gift cards, goodies, etc. Items will be raffled off to our CHVE staff to enjoy.
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The hospitality committee’s purpose is to promote a welcoming and enjoyable school community for our teachers and staff. Volunteers provide refreshments and decorations for occasions such as Fall & Spring conferences, staff appreciation week and retirement programs.
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Volunteers are needed for shifts in the library/media center to help shelve books, check out books to students, do inventory, and work at the book fairs.
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Recess Program

Recess volunteer opportunity for parents: Parent volunteers attend a short training session to learn the strategies of the program and their role in handling disputes. Then, select a minimum of two days per month to volunteer during recess.
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Red Ribbon Week

This event, held every fall, focuses on healthy choices for kids. Volunteers are needed to help prepare for the activities and events planned each day during that week.
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