Cherry Hills Village Elementary School





The Cherry Hills Village choir is dedicated to performing quality shows that are both entertaining and educationally sound.  As choir is an activity involving over 90 singers, every student must come prepared to contribute their full attention and effort 100% of the time for us to be successful.  Choir is one of the most visible organizations in the school and as such we must at all times represent ourselves, the choir and Cherry Hills Village with dignity, pride and class.




Third and Fourth Grade Choir:                      Rehearsals will be Tuesday AFTER

School, from 2:45-3:45 beginning September 4th


Fifth Grade Choir:                                          Rehearsals will be Thursday AFTER

                                                                        School, from 2:45 –3:45 beginning September 6th



Each choir will have two performances.  The holiday performance is on December 13th at 7:00 p.m. (students please arrive at 6:45) The spring musical will be on May 2nd at 7:00 p.m.  



To perform well, full attendance at every rehearsal is ideal. However, if your child is absent from school, they are also excused from choir. If your child misses more than two rehearsals per semester, they will be kept out of that semester’s performance.  Please pick your students up from choir promptly at 3:45. Students who are picked up late, more than 2 times will be asked to drop choir.


Choir Fees

The cost for choir is $25.00 for the year. This will help to shoulder the cost of sheet music, performance CD's, decorations, props and MTI fees.  Please make checks payable to CHVE.


Final Thoughts

In choir, we will use words like family, commitment, pride, respect and excellence.  We have fun, and will work as a group to achieve the common goals of the group. Any member who is not participating in a positive manner will be given one verbal reminder to behave respectfully. If behavior does not improve, the choir member will be asked to “sit out” of rehearsal.  Students who miss more than one rehearsal due to behavior will be dropped from choir for remaining semester. To do less would be to accept mediocrity and never allow these students to see how much they can achieve.