Cherry Hills Village Elementary School PTCO

3 more weeks in our efforts to raise $100K in 100 Days.  Please see recent news below for additional information.

Only 3 weeks to go for our Family Giving Campaign $100K in 100 Days!


Dear CHVE Families and Friends,


A fresh start to a new (calendar) year has our kids back to in-person learning, and we continue to be grateful for the teachers, staff, and administration who have worked to make this possible. While our students have progressed in their learning, we as a PTCO community have another big leap necessary to Make it Happen. Simply put, we are asking for your help one more time this school year! 


Our goal is to raise $100K in 100 days. Our school needs our help.


With this Family Giving Campaign, raising $100,000 in 100 days will ensure that the CHVE PTCO meets the majority of financial initiatives and obligations this school year, all without negatively affecting current and future support. The CHVE PTCO directly supports expenses not covered by school district funding.


What does the CHVE PTCO support? The largest portion of funds is budgeted for school staffing support, accounting for more than $175,000 each year. These funds allow CHVE to staff personnel - such as teaching assistants - that help educate our students, keep class sizes as low as possible, and provide reading intervention. Additionally, some staff members work lunchroom and recess duties, as well as manage our library, technology, and testing protocols.


Throughout the 2020-21 school year, the CHVE PTCO has continued to financially support the school in these areas and more. Having all hands on deck has allowed our school to provide a positive educational experience in one of the most challenging in-person learning years in recent history. While we as parents cannot physically see the results of our fundraising efforts, we believe our kids experience the benefits every time they walk through the front door.


As a school community, if we raise an average of $250 per student, we can continue to support a variety of CHVE operations and programs, now and into our school’s future. We have the opportunity to come together and Make it Happen.


Please consider a donation today. Or opt to make a monthly donation now through May. Our platform allows families to contribute as their circumstances allow. 




The CHVE PTCO has decided to move the biennial Spring Auction event to next school year when we can safely gather together once again. Until then, let’s Make it Happen and finish our 2021-21 school year strong.




Kasey Jackson, Fundraising Co-Chair

Erin Jones, Fundraising Co-Chair


Questions regarding the 100K in 100 days? Please contact us at any time.